Disabled Vet’s Best Friend

Before Cpl. Stanley can become a service dog to a disabled veteran, he has to spend two years being exposed to different people in various situations. Good thing he spends a lot of time at Dixon–Smith Middle School, where he’s surrounded by more than 900 students and adults on a daily basis. “The kids all […]

Puppies Helping Veterans Deal with Visible and Invisible Wounds of War – NBC News

Tucked on the campus of Walter Reed Medical Center is a facility focused on helping soldiers recover from injuries suffered during war, training incidents and the like. Inside those walls, a dedicated group of men, women and puppies are helping soldiers deal with the visible and invisible wounds of war. The images don’t seem to […]

The Unlikely PTSD Therapy: Puppies

The Washington Post By Zoeann Murphy Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury are training puppies to become service dogs for fellow wounded warriors. The work can actually alleviate their own symptoms The Fold’s Zoeann Murphy spent some time with the pups… Watch the video at